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The Team That Listens

Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air listens to their customers.

After every A/C installation, the customer service team at Absolute calls the homeowners to thank them for their patronage. During the phone call, they also ask about the customers’ experience with Absolute. The leadership team at Absolute takes customer feedback seriously, implementing company-wide changes based on the responses they receive.

Just in the past couple of months, Absolute has hired their first team of boiler techs based on customer demand so they may serve homeowners with non-traditional heating systems this winter. Normally, H-vac companies have a hard time finding boiler techs because boilers require a very specific skill set. Fortunately for Absolute, techs want to work for a company that listens!

Thanks to their eight hundred Google reviews, averaging four-point-nine stars out of five, Absolute attracts some of the most experienced talent in the industry.

Call the team that listens: 720.526.0231.


Happy customers lead to a successful business!

From the beginning, Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air has had one, defining goal: happy customers.

Owner and Founder of Absolute, Louis, had been known to personally drive to a job site to solve a customer’s electrical issue.

As master electrician himself, he wanted to make sure every job was done right but in order to become the Number One Home Services provider in the Denver metro area, Louis couldn’t keep handling every job himself. He needed a team of technicians he could trust to serve customers with the same level of care that he would provide.

Over time, Louis and his leadership team developed a thorough vetting process unique to the industry to find technicians with both technical aptitude and the customer service skills that set Absolute apart.

Now, Louis knows he’ll have happy customers because he trusts all of his technicians to stand by their promise: From call to care, we’ll be there!

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