The Americhicks look at issues at right vs wrong instead of right vs left. Every weekday morning from 6-7:00 (MST) on KLZ 560, Kim Monson covers topics of interest without the rant and rhetoric of other live broadcasts. She’s all about finding solutions to the political problems that impact everyday Americans.

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The Chicks:

 Kim Monson arrived in Colorado in an old Buick with about a hundred bucks in her pocket – and a firm belief that anything is possible in America. She started work at a bank, became a stock trading assistant, and studied nights and weekends for her investment broker’s license.  Eventually hired at Boettcher & Company, an old and well-respected investment firm, Kim became one of the youngest vice-presidents in the firm’s history. Kim retired from the investment business when her 2nd of 3 children was born, and for the last 20+ years, she has operated a successful small business as a clothier/fit specialist. As a former City Councilwoman, Kim believes government should be limited, responsible, and efficient.

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  1. I look forward to the stories of veterans. I heard some of them last year and was excited to hear that more will be broadcast the week of Christmas. Please send me your schedule for these broadcasts.

  2. Hello Kim please mention that the senate in Colorado will be voting on sb19-042 which will end the electoral college in Colorado making our elections a majority wins all state. please call your senators and tell them no!
    Senator Bridges, Jeff 26 Democrat 303-866-4846
    Senator Court, Lois 31 Democrat 303-866-4861
    Senator Danielson, Jessie 20 Democrat 303-866-4856
    Senator Donovan, Kerry 5 Democrat 303-866-4871
    Senator Fenberg, Stephen 18 Democrat 303-866-4872
    Senator Fields, Rhonda 29Democrat303-866-4879
    Senator Foote, Mike 17Democrat303-866-5291
    Senator Garcia, Leroy 3Democrat303-866-4878
    Senator Ginal, Joann 14Democrat303-866-4841
    Senator Gonzales, Julie 34Democrat 303-866-4862
    Senator Lee, Pete 11 Democrat 303-866-6364
    Senator Moreno, Dominick 21 Democrat 303-866-4857
    Senator Pettersen, Brittany 22 Democrat 303-866-4859
    Senator Rodriguez, Robert 32 Democrat 303-866-4852
    Senator Story, Tammy 16 Democrat 303-866-4873
    Senator Todd, Nancy 28 Democrat 303-866-3432
    Senator Williams, Angela 33 Democrat 303-866-4864
    Senator Winter, Faith 24 Democrat 303-866-4863
    Senator Zenzinger, Rachel 19 Democrat 303-866-4840

  3. I thought I heard you talking about a dress for success thing. Can you direct me to that information?

  4. Kim, your discussion with the counselor on this morning’s radio program of that sense that something’s not right with ourselves and our world leads me to share with you the following from Rochelle Holden at Elijah House in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It explains a lot.
    A Call to Prayer: The Mesmerizing of our Country
    by Rochelle Holben

    Not long ago, I was awakened in the early hours of the morning. My heart was grieved because of what is happening in our nation.

    Politically, we are divided. The vehemence and vitriol with which each party is adamantly expressing their views was baffling to me! As I pondered, I was drawn into intercession.

    There is a mesmerizing-type spirit at work in our country. And the Lord showed me that fighting against these belief systems is just making this thing stronger!

    So what does this spirit do? It blinds us to another’s (as well as our own) faults or virtues—whether it be a person, ministry, or other organization. This spirit is tricky in that it will make our faults and those of others look good and right, or conversely, make these virtues look like a bad or wrong thing. In this way, the mesmerizing spirit controls our focus and exaggerates emotional reaction in us toward that focus.

    This spirit causes people to fix their attention on only a part of a picture, preventing them from seeing the whole. It hypnotizes people so that they can only see what it wants them to see; to call what is good as bad, and what is bad as good.

    What sorrow for those who say
    that evil is good and good is evil,
    that dark is light and light is dark,
    that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. Isaiah 5:20

    It is almost impossible to communicate the severity in which we can be messed with by this spirit because the very nature of its mesmerizing is deception!

    The mesmerizing spirit focuses us on our problems, making them so huge that it deceives us into believing THAT instead of the truth of God’s plans for us. Our perspective becomes so full of these larger-than-life problems – we CANNOT see or believe God’s power in our lives.

    How do we deal with this? We need to recognize that we are fighting against principalities, not flesh and blood! Our weapon in this war is prayer.

    The following prayer renounces the mesmerizing spirit. I encourage you to begin asking the Lord to shine His light and His peace on this country. This empowers all parties involved to see and feel what He wants them to see and feel. Pray and practice these prayers for 20 to 30 days to establish new Godly habits.

    Prayer to Renounce the Mesmerizing Spirit
    In the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and on behalf of myself, my spouse, family, and our family lines, and my country, I RENOUNCE and REPENT:
    For cooperation with the mesmerizing spirit or any of its allies;
    For fear or for bitterness in our reaction to pain;
    For giving dishonor to someone who is honorable;
    For giving honor to someone who is dishonorable, except for when we honor my parents for being our parents, even when they are dishonorable;
    Allowing fear or bitterness to blind us and drive us in prejudice;
    Disregard of truth, for unbelief in God’s love for us, and for ways we believed or behaved as if we had to do or prove something to earn His love;
    We renounce and repent for any tendency to see a truth about someone’s wrongs without love, or to embrace deceptive thinking that it is love to see someone’s wrongs, to ignore it and not confront it;
    We renounce and repent for thinking restoration depends on us or others when the truth is that restoration depends on You, Our God Most High;
    For bitterness, mocking, and shaming ourselves or others;
    For fear-infected emotions, for unreasonable lashing, or unreasonable loyalty or disloyalty;
    For judging people on the prejudice of single issues instead of seeking Your perspective. We renounce and repent for prejudice—our refusal or inability to see the good of self or another because of only looking at the wrongs. Lord, God, forgive us for religious prejudice, racial prejudice, gender prejudice, and age prejudice. Forgive us for prejudice of any kind;
    For pride—our refusal or inability to see obvious pain or sin in our own life, wanting to only see a good thing in self, or a refusal to see sin in another’s life, wanting to only see a good thing. We renounce and repent for doing wrong or going along with wrong, even when we know better. We renounce and repent for refusing Your correction that would have brought us wisdom, helping us to truly know and do better;
    For false humility—a refusal or inability to see our own virtues or needs as legitimate; a tendency to focus on what is wrong or might become wrong, and so become unable or unwilling to see what is good about ourselves, or being unable or unwilling to receive due honor, for pushing away honor that You, God, wanted us to receive;
    For false pride our pride based on a falsehood, our pride from believing lies (like we are weak or bad for crying, so we have worked at proving that we are strong and taking pride in what we came to see as our strength—like no tears, no admitting of my pain or need, no allowing of self to need, feel or express love);
    We ask for and welcome true humility. We choose genuine dependence on You, God, instead of self. In doing so, we learn wisdom (like when we cried, we were telling the truth that we hurt, or when we cried for others, we were expressing the strength of our love for another. Therefore, we do not need to be ashamed of what God honors—like our tears that God so honors, He keeps them preserved);
    For allowing fear or bitterness to drive us to be lawless and so to blind others, for that dishonors You, God, who deserves honor;
    For any ungodly disregard of law and authority, or any usurping of authority. Forgive us for envy and ungodly ambition;
    Forgive our sin reactions to shame and letting that drive us to try harder to earn love and
    legitimacy or to give up. But either way to do so in cynicism or entitlement;
    For justifying the pushing of something that wasn’t right, to be seen as right, or to get our way;
    Forgive us for ungodly control and any ways of being unethical and exploitative;
    For walking intentionally in the occult;
    Forgive us for using pain, or threat of causing pain, to control. Forgive us for our part in pushing people to honor dishonorable behavior.
    And Now We Decree:
    The truth that You, God our Father, love us even when we or others don’t love us; even in the pain of our failures or the pain of others failing us;
    We decree that by Your love, we will find our legitimacy in relationship with You, our Father;
    We will look to You, Father God, even when we are in pain, and will continue relationship with you, even when others reject or hurt us, especially when you discipline us;
    You love us and empower us to forgive others and ask forgiveness for our sin reactions;
    We will do a fearless and searching inventory allowing the Holy Spirit to open our eyes
    and heal our blindness. May we see and say what You want and bring You due honor.
    And Now Release Us from the Mesmerizing Spirit:

    We ask you, Lord Jesus, the Christ, to rebuke and remove the Mesmerizing spirit and any other spirits distorting or blocking perception. Lord Jesus, by Your life sacrificed on the cross, by Your life-giving blood, would You rebuke the strongmen involved, dismantle and remove ungodly structures —such as ungodly soul ties, habits, curses, devices, conduits, attachments, lies, “gifts”, deposits, burdens, and imprints—that have been built by sin and by evil spirits. Free us and the people we have sinned against and even our DNA and RNA, from the resulting damage.

    Whether we inherited these ungodly structures, or they were formed in our lifetime, whether these ungodly structures tie us to people, demons, or defiled time, or land, please free us (and in intercession we ask You to free other people tied to that defiled time or land), and even our DNA and RNA, from the resulting damage.

    God Almighty, please close any doors or openings that these sins and evil spirits have opened and please open any Godly doors to You and Your blessings that these sins and evil spirits have closed.
    Shine your Light, Jesus, so that we can see what You want us to see because of Your love and wisdom. Share Your peace so that we can afford feelings and have a safe place to sort things. Holy Spirit, empower righteous choices in us and our family lines. May we have the heart of Solomon when he chose wisdom and knowledge to lead the people in Your ways. May we honor You in growing Godly habits and enthroning Your name in our lives, relationships, times, and lands.

    In the name of Jesus, the Christ, Amen.

    (Sources: Gideon’s Band template and The Sapphire Leadership Group)

    Rochelle Holben is the Elijah House Director and serves alongside her husband, Barry Holben—teaching, mentoring, doing prayer ministry, and providing support and encouragement to EH International Directors. Rochelle has been affiliated with Elijah House for more than 20 years.

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