Colorado Heritage - CHESS KLZ


Give your kids the education and experience that honors God and that is good for your children.

Colorado Heritage Education School System or CHESS, comes alongside homeschooling families, helping them to provide a Christian Conservative educational experience. They are an independent school as well as a brick and mortar school.

CHESS offers a variety of extracurriculars in the arts with choirs for ages K through 12, ensembles, drama classes, and art classes. They offer fun activities, like a drama dinner theater and high school hangouts for the students, so there are plenty of opportunities.

Open your eyes to the woke agenda being pushed in public schools and even private schools!
Take back control of your child’s education with CHESS!

This is the right education for you and your family. You can homeschool, and with CHESS you can pick your child’s personalized, Christian education. With over 40 classes to choose from, CHESS has been helping Colorado families home school for over 30 years and they can help you too.

Visit the CHESS website to schedule a meeting with the principal or fill out the form on this page.

Colorado Heritage - CHESS KLZ