KLZ Radio, Crawford Broadcasting, and Dr. Thorne’s Traveling Emporium and Medicine Show are proud to support the Feeding First Responders project!

    Thanks to several generous people already, local restaurants are providing hearty meals for COVID-19 first responders without cost to these hospital, police, fire, and EMT workers.

    Generous donors have already made it possible for these restaurants to deliver several hundred meals to the COVID-19 wing at St. Anthony Hospital and the Lakewood Police Department. And hundreds more meal deliveries are already scheduled for these and other COVID-19 first responders. Will you join in this cause?

    Your donation will not only show your respect and appreciation for the men and women on the front lines, it will support great small businesses and the people who work there.

    How can you help? By purchasing a restaurant gift card earmarked for police, fire, EMT, or Hospital first line responders meals — or you can make a tax-deductible donation to the St. Anthony Health Foundation earmarked for meals to the St. Anthony Hospital COVID wing.

    The link to donate gift cards earmarked for Fire Fighters, EMTs, Hospital personnel and Police Officers –

    go here (meals from Manning’s Steaks and Spirits)

    OR click here (meals from Fiddlesticks Bar & Grill)

    For all of the details and updates on this Feeding First Responders project, tune in to the Dr. Thorne’s Show at 2 PM on MondaysTuesdaysFridays, and Saturdays, right here on KLZ 560AM!

    Thank you for supporting your local community during this time.