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Free Wiper Blades or Tire Rotation

Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity!

No more hopping from one mechanic to another, trying to find a solution for your vehicle’s persistent issue. Extreme Auto Repair has a reputation for fixing problems quickly.

You bring your Nissan to the dealer because of a rattling noise. They charge you four thousand dollars. You still hear the noise. You bring the same vehicle to Extreme Auto Repair in Parker, where Shawn and his team quickly discover a broken bolt in the subframe – a known Nissan failure they have seen many times before.

Real stories like this one earn Extreme Auto Repair customers for life. As one woman exclaims in a recent five-star review, “Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity!” The factory-trained technicians at Extreme Auto Repair stay up to date with the manufacturer data for your vehicle’s specific make and model for quick, experienced problem solving.

Fill out the contact form on this page for free wiper blades or tire rotation.

Extreme Auto Repair, promises kept.

Longevity Counts

Longevity counts for mechanical repairs.

The factory-trained technicians at Extreme Auto Repair have an average of almost thirteen years’ experience per technician, so at this point, almost nothing surprises them. After so many combined years on the job, they’ve seen just about every weird problem your vehicle could have.

Even in those rare cases where they really have to dig, they don’t give up until they find a solution. John Rush has been recommending Extreme Auto Repair on Rush to Reason for nearly six years now, so he’s seen their persistence firsthand.

They have a reputation for solving problems no one else could.

You know how frustrating it can be, bringing your vehicle to shop after shop with no solution in sight. Make Extreme Auto Repair your last mechanic!

Long-time radio supporters.
Long-term techs.
Repeat customers.

Extreme Auto Repair Services

  1. Mechanical Problems
  2. Electrical Problems
  3. Engine Repairs
  4. Clutch Repairs
  5. Brake Repairs
  6. Tire Installation

"When I moved to Parker two years ago, I asked several people who they trusted with their vehicle. Everyone said the same thing, "Extreme Auto repair".

I couldn't believe how respectful they were.

As an older woman a lot of times mechanics try to take advantage of my ignorance when it comes to vehicles. Extreme auto went out of their way to explain everything and the price was much lower than the dealership.

I can't say enough about how wonderful these people are and how appreciative I am to have found them. I tell everyone how wonderful you are.

Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity at a time that I was really scared."