Extreme Auto Repair

You have a warranty on your vehicle’s battery, but when you go to replace it, they still expect you to pay a prorated replacement fee.

That’s not a warranty!

Extreme Auto carries batteries backed by a 5-year guarantee and with no proration on their battery warranty. Should the battery that you purchased with them fail within that 5-year window Extreme replaces it, no questions asked!

The staff at Extreme Auto has these batteries in their own cars because their proration free 5-year guarantee is the best deal around.

In most cases, Extreme Auto can do same day service and for your convenience, Extreme Auto offers loaner vehicle and towing service free of charge for their customers, so they can quickly get you back on the road!

Replace your car battery and get the assurance you need with a battery that you can trust will last!

Give Extreme Auto Repair a call now to set up a battery replacement on your vehicle today at 303.841.1071 or fill out the form on this page.

Extreme Climate

Winter is brutally hard on your vehicle!

Extreme driving conditions happen every winter, and from maintenance to emergency repairs, you need a shop that you can count on!

Colorado winters are hard on all the components of your car, especially with the fluctuating temperatures, so you want an expert diagnosing your vehicle. Extreme Auto has six master mechanics and three of those are master mechanics all dedicated to properly evaluating any issues and getting your vehicle repaired correctly, quickly, and without anything you do not need.

They also offer their customers both towing services and free loaner options, so you always have a vehicle to use and a way to get around!

Whether you need regular maintenance or have an urgent need, you can trust Extreme Auto to get you back on the road. For the right maintenance and repairs to prevent serious issues with your vehicle, call Extreme Auto Repair this winter for service that you can rely on!

Set up an appointment today at 303.841.1071 or fill out the form on this page.

Extreme Auto Repair


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Extreme Auto Repair in Parker: promises made, promises kept.

Extreme Auto Repair Services

  1. Mechanical Problems
  2. Electrical Problems
  3. Engine Repairs
  4. Clutch Repairs
  5. Brake Repairs
  6. Tire Installation
Extreme Warranty

"When I moved to Parker two years ago, I asked several people who they trusted with their vehicle. Everyone said the same thing, "Extreme Auto repair".

I couldn't believe how respectful they were.

As an older woman a lot of times mechanics try to take advantage of my ignorance when it comes to vehicles. Extreme auto went out of their way to explain everything and the price was much lower than the dealership.

I can't say enough about how wonderful these people are and how appreciative I am to have found them. I tell everyone how wonderful you are.

Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity at a time that I was really scared."