Novus Auto Glass

Novus Glass

Take control of the process with Novus Auto Glass.

Insurance companies want you to use one of their recommended shops so they get a discount. John Rush endorses Novus Auto Glass because he trusts the quality of their work.

In today’s modern car, your windshield has become a structural component of your vehicle. Unlike in classic cars, where your windshield was just … something to look through … today’s windshields bear pressure as part of the frame. Your windshield has become a safety feature of your vehicle, so quality repairs matter.

With every repair or replacement, Novus Auto Glass records detailed specs, including the temperature outside, the serial number of the vehicle, and the type of Urethane they use, so you can have confidence that your windshield won’t pop out at the wrong moment.

Instead of letting your insurance company choose the cheapest option, take control of the quality with the inventors of windshield repair.