Novus Auto Glass

Free Windshield Tape

As the inventor of windshield repair, Novus Auto Glass saves you money by repairing chips and cracks whenever possible. With their patented glass repair technology, Novus can tackle tougher cracks than the competition.

In some cases, they can repair cracks up to a foot long!
But you have a much better chance at a repair by acting fast.

Something as simple as going through a car wash could make your little chip or crack irreparable.

For KLZ listeners only, Novus will send you a packet of protective windshield stickers for free – little pieces of specially-designed tape to cover any chips or cracks as soon as they appear – like a bandage for your glass. Request your free windshield patches just fill out the form on this page.

No matter what sort of damage you’re dealing with, there’s never any risk with a Novus repair. Should your windshield repair fail, they will credit the cost toward a replacement!

Novus works with all insurance companies and for those without windshield coverage, Novus will give you a discounted cash price.


“Novus” mean “innovate” – and as the original inventor of windshield repair, Novus Auto Glass continues to stay on the cutting-edge of glass repair and replacement.

Any vehicle with lane departure technology needs to be re-calibrated after a windshield replacement because of the cameras and sensors mounted to your windshield. All of those sensors need to be carefully re-aligned so your vehicle provides accurate positioning information and each vehicle manufacturer is different.

Most auto glass facilities – even the big names – do not have the right tools and equipment to calibrate your windshield.

They can only replace the glass, not re-calibrate the sensors.

Because Novus Auto Glass constantly upgrades to keep pace with the changing industry, the majority of their locations now offer calibrations.

Get your windshield replaced and the sensors re-calibrated with the inventor of windshield repair.