Novus Auto Glass

Quality Counts

Modern windshields help protect the occupants of your vehicle in the event of a collision so quality counts.

In today’s vehicles, your windshield has become a structural component of your car. The glass requires a specific amount of pressure to keep your windshield from literally popping out during impact.

Even the quality of the adhesive that glues your windshield to your frame can make a difference.

Since they invented windshield repair in 1972, Novus Auto Glass has continued to perfect their technique. Unlike most of their competitors, Novus can repair cracks up to a foot long without sacrificing the integrity of your windshield!

Industry-wide delays in the supply chain have forced manufacturers to limit the quantity of glass they sell to individual shops, so you may need to wait longer for a new windshield.

The sooner you contact Novus Auto Glass, the better chance you have at saving money with a repair. Contact a location near you by filling out the form on this page.