John Rush

Business Coaching

Personal Coaching

Does your life seem hectic, do you live paycheck to paycheck, do you have trouble achieving your goals? John Rush can help you get your personal affairs in order by using his 40 years of knowledge and experience in the business, non-profit and coaching worlds.

Your business (or career) is an extension of your daily life and without success in your daily life you can’t make lasting improvements to your business, your non-profit or your career. Get your personal and, or professional life dialed in with guidance from John Rush who IS a small business owner and business “slash” life consultant.

This unique offering gives you the chance to learn inside secrets of executive functioning directly from a successful professional and thought leader. The help you will gain in the planning of your personal affairs from John Rush is invaluable especially if you own your own business remember your business is an extension of YOU!

John will utilize his 40 years of knowledge, his own business and life experience, and a drive for your success.

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Valuable Time

Your business is eating you away because it’s eating your time away. John Rush with Rush Media Consulting can help you by turning your business into passive income.

Time is energy and money, so set up your one on one Rush Media business consultation and ensure that your business runs itself, otherwise you just own a job.

Chances are, you’re working too many hours. You need to preserve your valuable time because unlike money, you can’t get it back. The longer you spend on the fence about what to do, the less time you have. Do not squander the precious moments you have with your family, doing things you love, and enjoying life.

Your business is your living, so it should let you live.

John Rush at Rush Media Consulting gives you the chance to take the value of your time seriously by making your business work for you.

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