Littleton Jewelry
Bring your gold and silver coins to Littleton Jewelry!

Unlike paper money, the government can’t just print more gold and silver.

Jesse, owner of Littleton Jewelry, values the stability of gold and silver, so he stays up-to-date with the market, attending coin shows and investing in his own precious metals.

Find out from Jesse and his team how much your coin collection could be worth.

Then you can decide whether you want to keep them as an investment, sell them to Littleton Jewelry for a fair price, or trade in the value toward a new, custom piece of jewelry.

Whatever you decide, find out how much your gold and silver could be worth.

Set up a private appointment with Jesse and his team today today; go to

Custom Jewelry for Life.



I’ve had a couple things fixed here and they do an excellent job!

They have a great attention to detail.

When I accidentally cracked my engagement ring open, they fixed it so well I can’t even tell there was ever a problem and my ring has been sturdy ever since!
Charity Butler
Great service! Scott and Aprie are awesome!

Very reliable place, good prices, honest and friendly people.

I would totally recommend this place to buy or fix your jewelry and watches.
Anita Musi
I have done business with Victor for years in all of his various watch companies and I cannot say enough nice things about the quality of his work and his customer service.

He is the only person that I will trust my vintage watches to as well as my Rolex. I highly recommend him!
Jennifer Thompson