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Now You Have a Friend in the Reverse Mortgage Business

Lisa Linder wants you to have access to even more money.

Because home values have increased, Lisa has already contacted all of her clients who took out reverse mortgages last year to talk about refinancing.

The first time around, Lisa helped them eliminate their principal and interest payments, immediately freeing up hundreds of dollars every month. They still own their homes, so they still pay property taxes and homeowners’ insurance, live in the homes, and keep up with basic maintenance but thanks to their reverse mortgages, they no longer make monthly mortgage payments.

Lisa doesn’t stop there.

By refinancing their reverse mortgages a year later, those same clients may now open up growing lines of credit for the future. Unlike a traditional HILOC, a reverse mortgage line of credit continues to grow no matter what happens to the housing market, guaranteed!

Unlock a new source of tax-free income to use however you wish.

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Lisa Linder- Goodson, NMLS 410023; Linder Mortgage, NMLS 1864178.

Lisa Linder

Lisa Linder

Lisa Linder- Goodson NMLS# 410023 - Linder Mortgage NMLS # 1864178