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Getting Real About Lending and Real Estate on KLZ

A roadmap gets you to your destination when you don’t know where you’re going.

KLZ’s Lending and Real Estate team helps you navigate two of the largest financial transactions of your life: home loans and home sales.

Welcome to Getting Real About Lending and Real Estate with your hosts, Linder Mortgage and K & R Home Transitions!

Realtors Katharine and Robyn, together with mortgage brokers Lisa and Noelle, join forces to guide and direct you through the complicated world of lending and real estate.

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Lisa Linder, Linder Mortgage

Why isn’t everyone doing this?

Castle Pines broker Lisa Linder honestly doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t get a reverse mortgage as soon as they turn 62 … because it’s such a good deal! Here’s how a reverse mortgage works: let’s say you’re spending a couple thousand dollars a month on principle and interest.

Rather than putting all that money into your house every month, you could start keeping it instead! Lisa’s a firm believer that you’ve worked hard all your life; once you retire, you shouldn’t need to worry about making a mortgage payment. Your home is an investment just like your 401k or IRA, so start using that investment to your advantage! Lisa’s getting a reverse mortgage herself as soon as she hits 62 because the sooner you get one, the more money you put in your pocket over time.

As long as you keep paying taxes and insurance, you could never make another mortgage payment again!

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Lisa Linder- Goodson, NMLS# 410023; Linder Mortgage, NMLS # 1864178

Katharine and Robyn, K & R Home Transitions

Home Sellers

To make your home more attractive to a buyer, you first need to prove you have nothing to hide!

KLZ’s investigative realtors, Katharine and Robyn of K & R Home Transitions, know how to sell your house smoothly: disclose, disclose, disclose!

Before they list your home, real estate team Katharine and Robyn will investigate every detail of the house to anticipate any questions the buyer might ask in advance. Thorough preparation leads to an effortless selling process because the buyer already knows all about your house before they make an offer! With Katharine and Robyn, you never need to worry about costly surprises that could delay the sale of your home.

They will help you build trust with the buyer by proving you have done your due diligence ahead of time. K & R Home Transitions has a proven track record of setting buyers at ease by providing all of the pertinent information about your home up front.

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Home Buyers

With K & R Home Transitions, you always know exactly what you’re buying.

You’re interested in a home, but the owners moved out the country and aren’t available to give you any details about the house. You heard there was a flood in the basement, and you’re concerned about water damage … so you let real estate team Katharine and Robyn get to work.

They start knocking on neighbors’ doors to ask about the flood, which apparently took out the backyard fence before filling the basement with four feet of water. They call the furnace and water heater companies to see whether or not they’ve been replaced and confirm the warranties are transferable to a new homeowner.

They get the house treated for mold.. They contact the county to make sure the land has been mitigated to prevent future floods.

By the time you’re ready to make an offer, you know exactly what you’re buying.

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Katharine Pickering and Robyn Lewis-Oglesby

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