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Email Hacking

Keeping your company’s email system safe from hackers requires constant vigilance, meaning your staff needs to be kept aware of the signs of this threat. The team at Denver IT Security will customize a program helping to prevent mistakes that could lead to costly email infiltrations.

Business Email Compromise or Email Hijacking, is a growing problem. Hackers log into your email system, read through past conversations, then start a conversation with one of your contacts pretending to be you! They may send an invoice to be paid through a wire transfer or ask for sensitive information to be provided. By changing some settings in your email software, they keep these conversations hidden so you won’t even know it’s happening. Some will even change the phone number in your signature, hoping the victim calls them, thinking they’re calling you.

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Working from Home

The team at Denver IT Security will help you set up zero trust access for your employees working from home.

You may trust your employees to make safe, smart decisions online but the minute you allow one of your employees to access your company’s data from home, you extend that circle of trust to a big, unknown crowd of people. Think about how many of your employees take their work home with them. Maybe they’re working remotely every day. Maybe they log onto your network over the weekend. Now think about those employees’ spouses and their kids and their kids’ friends all sharing the same network.

Are they also as diligent about protecting your data? Without proper controls in place, any one of those people could expose your company’s private information to hackers.

The team at Denver IT Security provides solutions that give you control over who has access to your company’s data.

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