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Apathy is the number one cyber threat to small businesses. Don't become a statistic, call John today

Ethical Hacker

John Cannata, The Cyberguy, is an ethical hacker who keeps up with the industry trends so you don’t have to.  He tracks the latest tactics and techniques by digital bad guys, leaving you to worry about what you really need to: your clients and business operations. 

John prides himself on staying away from techno-jargon, which is what keeps a lot of people from reaching out to get assistance when their business has digital holes that can be exploited.  

No matter what business you’re in, you owe it to your bottom line to reach out to John for a no-obligation consultation, so he can help you understand the threats you may or may not even know exist.  In plain language for regular people. 

Many of the threats you read about involve vulnerable areas of software that, under the right conditions, could enable hackers to do something bad, and without John, you won’t know where those holes are until it’s too late. 

Let Cyberguy, John Cannata help you avoid costly and damaging digital mistakes with a free consultation by filling out the short form below!

John the Cyber Guy is keenly aware that there are bad people out there who want to steal your company’s data… and money!

You hear about it all the time; a hacker steals sensitive customer information and demands a ransom before leaking it to the public or selling it on the dark web.

Or a hacker enters a company’s private network through an employee’s home computer. The cost of ransomware and the associated loss of reputation from these attacks can cripple your business. John Cannata, The Cyber Guy, will protect your business and your customers from these bad actors. He and his team know the complex and ever-changing world of Cyber Security.

They’ll monitor your systems and protect your business from security threats around the clock. And they can do it at a price that works with your small-business budget. Don’t wonder if your business is vulnerable to the latest threats.

Talk to John the Cyber Guy today to find out what he can do to properly protect your business. Just fill out the simple form below or call 720-593-6688 to protect YOUR business.


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