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The Americhicks look at issues at right vs wrong instead of right vs left. Every weekday morning from 6-7:00 (MST) on KLZ 560, Kim Monson covers topics of interest without the rant and rhetoric of other live broadcasts. She’s all about finding solutions to the political problems that impact everyday Americans.

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The Chick:

Kim Monson arrived in Colorado in an old Buick with about a hundred bucks in her pocket – and a firm belief that anything is possible in America. She started work at a bank, became a stock trading assistant, and studied nights and weekends for her investment broker’s license. Eventually hired at Boettcher & Company, an old and well-respected investment firm, Kim became one of the youngest vice-presidents in the firm’s history. Kim retired from the investment business when her 2nd of 3 children was born, and for the last 20+ years, she has operated a successful small business as a clothier/fit specialist. As a former City Councilwoman, Kim believes government should be limited, responsible, and efficient.


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