Monday – Friday


    12:00AM – National Crawford Roundtable

    1:00AM – Rush to Reason

    4:00AM – Haystack Help

    5:00AM – I’m a Uniter w/Reggie Rocko and Clancie Jones

    6:00AM – The Kim Monson Show

    8:00AM – Straight Talk Money

    9:00AM – (M-W) The Mike Gallagher Show

    9:00AM – (Th) Gettin’ Real About Real Estate

    9:30AM – (Th) Retirement Unpacked w/Golden Eagle Financial

    9:00AM – (F) I’m a Uniter w/Reggie Rocko and Clancie Jones

    10:00AM – Sekulow

    11:00AM – The Del Walmsley Radio Show

    12:00PM – Haystack Help Radio

    1:00PM – The Kim Monson Show

    2:00PM – (M) Shooting the Breeze – Franktown Firearms

    2:00PM – (T) Norton’s Notions w/Dallas Norton

    2:00PM – (W) Retirement Unpacked with Golden Eagle Financial

    2:00PM – (Th) Dr. Newton’s Naturals

    2:00PM – (F) Ready Radio w/John Rush

    2:30PM – (W) Mobile Estate Planning w/Michael Bailey

    2:30PM – (Th) Reverse Mortgage Radio w/Bruce Simmons

    3:00PM – Rush to Reason w/John Rush

    6:00PM – (Th) National Crawford Roundtable

    7:00PM – Dana Loesch – The Dana Show

    9:00PM – The Mike Gallagher Show

    10:00PM – The Kim Monson Show

    11:00PM – Sekulow