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If everything goes perfect, it will take 12 years minimum

The Matthew Dark Show
February 8th 2023


The 2022 elections were an utter disappointment if you value children, health freedom, parental choice and low crime. For Colorado, we may now be past the point of no return. With a liberal supermajority in the house and senate, republican causes are dead-on-arrival at their best. I saw that play out first hand on Tuesday, February 7th when the Health and Insurance committee heard testimony for HB 23-1029. The bill sponsor, Representative Brandi Bradley was recently elected to HD 39 and went right to work on what she said she would do, defend parental choice and protect kids. This bill was completely appropriate to sign into law but the committee is made up of 8 democrats and 3 republicans, so how do you think it went? HB-1029 sought to ensure
that parents must give consent for their child to take a COVID shot and it would also disallow discrimination for those children that opted out of COVID jabs. Furthermore it would have provided the grounds for a civil lawsuit should the law be violated by a school or healthcare provider. The bill was slaughtered 8-3. Never had a chance.
We are well past the fantasy talk that the shots are “safe and effective” and oh by-the-way it is illegal to promote an Emergency Use Authorized drug “safe and effective” per 21 CFR 312.7.


Congress made that law but Colorado democrats still use that term like that law does not exist. What on earth would be the harm for parents to have the final say on every single healthcare decision for their child? Colorado democrats simply won’t have it, but why? We know these vaccines do not prevent transmission of infection and for kids, the shots are a net harm so why do they keep the vaccine push alive? We know in 2019, radical Colorado democrats passed HB 19-1120, “The act allows a minor 12 years of age or older to seek and obtain psychotherapy services with or without the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian if the mental health professional determines the minor is knowingly and voluntarily seeking the psychotherapy services and the psychotherapy services are clinically necessary.” This bill laid the foundation for predatory teachers and mental health providers to introduce kids to psychiatric medication and puberty blockers all while hiding it from the parents. You don’t have to have children to
know how sick that is. Few in Colorado are even aware of this law. It makes you wonder why democrats are so overtly aggressive with young kids, and illegal aliens for that matter. I am pretty sure it’s because they know the average American adult would
never go for the extreme and delusional ideas that flow from the wild left but if you’re a confused kid that doesn’t know better or an “asylum” seeking immigrant from a poor and violent country, you might think why not? I believe 90% of democrat parents still want the best for their kid but clearly the party they have sworn their allegiance to are not even hiding their plan to destroy children. Extremism like we have in Colorado does not go away overnight. If everything went perfect, it would take 10-12 years just to get Colorado moderate again, and how many kids get hurt during that span? COVID shots, lgbtq, CRT, declining academics and poverty, our kids are facing a cruel and intimidating future. That is why this is going to take everyone, democrat moms and dads saying this is enough, leave my kids alone. Parents have a God given right and responsibility over their children and it’s beyond time to enforce that authority. The time to act is now, Colorado democrats have identified kids as their prey-of-choice and there is not enough resistance and outrage to their hunt.

If you have never exercised your God given rights to go down to the capitol and see the
lawmaking process at work and speak your truth, I implore you to do so. Defeating evil this wicked will take everyone’s best, everyone’s faith and everyone’s commitment to putting Colorado kids first forever.

God bless you

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