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The STAND – Mother Love

May 6, 2024 THE STAND Subject: MOTHER In our world, love rules ❤️ . It is the highest attribute, the fundamental characteristic of all humankind. Perhaps the finest expression of love is: MOTHER LOVE The definition of…
Cover photo for THE STAND, The Christian Fight

THE STAND – The Fight

April 29, 2024 THE STAND RE: THE FIGHT It is here now, this spiritual fight and the preliminary stages of the battle rage. The fight is with an enemy stealthy, sly, and determined. The enemy is an…
The STAND: Passover

The Stand – The Passover

THE STAND RE: THE PASSOVER Passover, that holy Jewish feast and celebration, begins Monday, April 22, and ends Tuesday, April 30. The Passover is a holy event, the first day the most important, but the entire time…
Christian Joy post cover

The Stand – Christian Joy

1 April 15, 2024 THE STAND RE: CHRISTIAN JOY This world of ours has little joy…real joy. Perhaps there exists some sort of superficial happiness, but transient and really unfulfilling, but little more. It seems that so…

The Stand – THE TRUTH

April 8, 2024 THE STAND RE: THE TRUTH Do you tell your spouse the truth? …ALWAYS? That would be the whole truth and nothing but the truth, do you? When you communicate with spouse or children, or…


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