Mobile Estate Planning

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Have a plan, not just documents!

Your estate plan with Michael Bailey Law will likely involve multiple different documents, all working together to make sure your stuff goes to the right people when you die.

Think about all of the different types of investments that comprise your “estate”: your stocks and bonds; your 401k; your IRA; your annuities; your life insurance policy; your house; your vehicles; the money in your bank accounts; and more!

You may assume that a basic will covers everything, but depending on your wishes, you may need more than one strategy to establish who gets what. You need to work with someone who will establish a comprehensive estate plan, not just draw up documents.

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Make sure your entire estate will go exactly where you want it.


Customer Testimonial

We have been very satisfied with Michael Bailey Law Office. He is efficient, fast, and affordable….it is one stop shopping!!
We first had Michael handle our estate by establishing a “Revocable Trust”.

It was amazingly easy — it was almost completed in one visit except we had to transfer titles, but Michael did the rest.
Michael has also helped our two sons with sensitive pre-nups and legal advice.
He quickly understands what we need or what we are asking, answers directly, simple, and to the point. We will continue to use his legal help and are confident to recommend him to others.
Bob and Jeanie Reid