The Matthew Dark Show
    January 19th 2023

    It’s impossible to be a citizen of this country and not have been profoundly impacted by COVID-19 and everything that comes with it. For most people, their political affiliation almost immediately shaped their opinion or knowledge of COVID-19 and the reality is only one party can be correct on this outcome. The most sensitive of all the COVID-19 topics is the shots, some say lethal and concerning, others say they’re some of the safest products ever brought to market. How on earth can we have high-level professional opinions that are so far apart?


    Let us have no confusion, the mandating of COVID-19 vaccines is pursued overwhelmingly more in democrat states than republican ones. You can see that playing out in real time with the newly passed California bill, AB-2098. Suddenly now in California, if a licensed healthcare provider gives informed consent to his or her patient regarding COVID-19 vaccination, they are risking their license as that could be considered “unprofessional conduct” under this newly created piece of legislation. You’re seeing the opposite of course in republican states like Florida, where a grand jury investigation will begin surrounding the legitimacy of the COVID-19 shots and any “wrongdoing” by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, the two manufacturers of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.


    Millions of people were watching Monday Night Football when Bills safety Damar Hamlin had at least one cardiac arrest on the field, requiring a reported 9 minutes of CPR to save him.  By all credible accounts, Damar Hamlin was vaccinated. You can be confident the left and the vaccine deniers would be quite vocal if he was not and the Buffalo Bills as an organization took a great deal of pride in being a fully vaccinated team and darn near a fully vaccinated stadium.


    That was a major event that happened and for many folks it was traumatic, for some, even disturbing. This event has put a major question on the table for America , and it is a simple one: was the event that millions got to see on Monday Night Football enough for us to give any pause at all on these shots or is the consensus to just barrel through it and hope it’s not so public next time? The truth is, your political affiliation/vaccine status shapes this story for you as to what happened in that game. What you saw. Who wants to think if that could happen to him it could happen to me? Who likes admitting to oneself they took an experimental and potentially fatal medication? It appears to be playing out as true again, that it is much easier to lie to someone, than to convince them they have been lied to. What about those that still look up to Dr Fauci and cannot fathom he would knowingly harm them? The data tells us the safety and effectiveness of Ivermectin is not in dispute, so for Dr Fauci to suggest the things he did about Ivermectin is simply medical malpractice.


    As for game, the brontosaurus-size elephant in the room is the reality that it’s the COVID “vaccine” until proven otherwise. You must start there in every sudden death in an otherwise completely healthy young person. VAERS (Vaccine adverse reporting system) tells us that myocarditis and other cardiac risks are potential outcomes from COVID-19 vaccination. Internist, cardiologist and epidemiologist, Dr Peter McCullough said in his recent substack article “No young person should be hospitalized after taking COVID vaccination since that outcome far outweighs any theoretical benefit of the vaccine.” The CDC has been clear for some time now that the “vaccines” do not stop transmission, and they don’t deny the side effects.


    So how can this phenomenon exist? How can two adults of equal intelligence not both see the COVID shots are doing the exact opposite of what was advertised? How can that be? The government data we all have access to shows us that the “vaccines” are not safe and are not effective and are still operating in an emergency capacity.


    For most people, taking the COVID-19 “vaccines” was the greatest leap of medical faith they had ever taken and sadly they were wrong on this one. Is this cognitive dissonance for most of the country? There is certainly great mental conflict for those who tried this “vaccine.” It is an experimental product and it wasn’t in their nature to try such an experimental thing. Whatever came over that person to get “vaccinated” is neither here nor there, they must stop taking these shots immediately. The harmful effects of these shots are absolutely real and only get worse with continued doses. There is no medical reason another person should get a COVID-19 “vaccine.”  If you have been able to stay unvaccinated, that is great and you have served yourself well. The goal is to get as many vaccine-deniers educated and loved into becoming anti-vaxxers and then the shots will disappear.


    God bless you and thank you.