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New Workshop:
Minimize Taxes in Retirement!

Tuesday, August 17th and Thursday, August 19th
11:30am-1:00pm, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on E Belleview Ave

Lunch provided!
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Lower Taxes

You and your heirs could pay lower taxes!

You’re not concerned about having enough money in retirement; you will already be able to live comfortably on your pension and Social Security income alone. Instead, you want to learn how to leave a tax-efficient legacy for the next generation.

You can pay less in taxes, and the legacy you leave behind may also be taxed less!

Tax Efficient Retirement

You need to listen to Al Smith now, before you hit the age of Required Minimum Distributions, because you could pay no taxes on that income as long as you know what to do.

Create a tax-efficient retirement, so you can choose where your money goes instead of letting the government decide.

Listen to Retirement Unpacked with Al Smith of Golden Eagle Financial, Saturday morning at 8:30, only on KLZ.

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Planning with Purpose.

Advisory services offered through Foundations Investment Advisors, an S E C Registered Investment Adviser.

Al Smith Golden Eagle Financial

Planning: Before making any recommendation, Golden Eagle Financial will gather information to see the big picture of your unique situation. 
By addressing your greatest concerns first, we begin a process together.

Strategy: Golden Eagle Financial will develop strategies for optimizing your invested assets while minimizing possible loss along the way.
Results: Through an ongoing relationship with you, Golden Eagle Financial will update and adjust your personal planning analysis regularly to keep you on track and moving toward your financial goals.

Retirement Planning Goes Beyond Accumulating Wealth