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Maintain your budgeting momentum for retirement!

Once you begin good financial habits, you’re more likely to continue them. If you procrastinate, you’re likely to continue procrastinating.

A good plan will help your financial momentum, allowing you to see numerical projection of what it’s going to take! Al Smith of Golden Eagle Financial will help you strategize a great retirement plan that will include a clear picture of where you are now and an image of what you want your future to look like and include the steps necessary to get you there.

With Al Smith’s help, you’ll learn how much you need to save in order to achieve your retirement goals.

Provide yourself with income that will last with the momentum of good habits. Al Smith can help people who are newly retired or have a five to ten year window before leaving the labor force.

You need to be realistic bout your retirement with financial planning from Al Smith at Golden Eagle Financial and maintain or establish budgeting momentum for your retirement!

Advisory services offered through Foundations Investment Advisors, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser.


Your money market accounts aren’t earning anything!

Al Smith can provide optional strategies to protect you from market volatility while yielding strong returns but first, he needs to find out what matters most to you.

During a free consultation at his Littleton office, Al will listen carefully to your greatest concerns about retirement. He will make recommendations based on your unique circumstances. For example, some of Al’s clients worry about the cost of long-term care. Once you establish your primary goals, Al will help you build a financial plan that will give you the confidence that your money will last.

Al doesn’t have his own agenda; he educates his clients, informing them about their options. Only after a thorough analysis will he give any specific advice.

Call Golden Eagle Financial at 303.744.1128 for a free consultation with Al Smith.

Advisory services offered through Foundations Investment Advisors, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser.

Al Smith Golden Eagle Financial

Planning: Before making any recommendation, Golden Eagle Financial will gather information to see the big picture of your unique situation. 
By addressing your greatest concerns first, we begin a process together.

Strategy: Golden Eagle Financial will develop strategies for optimizing your invested assets while minimizing possible loss along the way.

Results: Through an ongoing relationship with you, Golden Eagle Financial will update and adjust your personal planning analysis regularly to keep you on track and moving toward your financial goals.

Retirement Planning Goes Beyond Accumulating Wealth