“Reverse Your Fortunes” Free Virtual Workshop

  • Tuesday, September 1st, 6-7pm
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Hosted by:

  • Bruce Simmons, Reverse Mortgage Specialist
  • Michael Bailey, Estate Planning Attorney

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Bruce Simmons, KLZ's Reverse Mortgage Professor

Between the high home values and low interest rates of today’s market, you want to call Bruce Simmons now about refinancing your reverse mortgage.

Your home value has increased since you first took out your loan. By refinancing at today’s low interest rates, you could pull more money out of your house without increasing your loan balance!

Convert an even larger portion of the value of your home into tax-free money that you may use however you wish. Plus, as long as you continue to pay your taxes and insurance, you will never need to worry about making a mortgage payment long as you live in the home. KLZ’s Reverse Mortgage Professor, Bruce Simmons, makes a potentially confusing loan program easy to understand.

Right now, Bruce can even walk you through the numbers virtually, line by line, from your home computer! Fill out the contact form now, and ask Bruce to run the numbers for you. Find out how much you could benefit from refinancing your reverse mortgage.

Contact Bruce Today!

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