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    Haystack Help Radio Scott Whatley

    Scott Whatley knows that finding HELP can be like finding a needle in a haystack — but with Haystack Help, finding the needle just got a lot easier!

    720-201-8585 is the number to call to get consumer help. Scott Whatley personally answers each call and will get directly involved along with his Official Haystack Registered Companies, regulatory agencies and local authorities to solve problems, answer questions, handle complaints and refer great companies to consumers who are looking for the best service in Colorado – Scott is here to HELP!

    Since January 2009, Haystack Help and www.HaystackHelpRadio.com has been engaging consumers with a trusted source to find the most qualified, reliable and reputable companies in Colorado who pledge to deliver an exceptional customer experience, fair pricing and quality workmanship while generating substantive, measurable results to the Official Haystack Registered Companies.

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