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    This program strives to be a veritable BROADCASTING BURRITO-you know music, evergreen guests, commentators, poetry, maybe some madcap humor, shameless advertising. Think caffeine, nicotine, gasoline, sound machine and maybe toss in a wolverine. How did this uncouth mongrelization of radio happen? Next question? When faced with the high fees of electro shock therapy, drug addiction and incarceration what would any borderline individual do unwilling to indulge in the former? Why they’d start Quorum Radio!


    Allow me to now go deeper. I’m Bill McIntosh the host of Quorum Radio. After working in media in many respects for over 25 years, I’ve made contact with or scheduled media appearances with folks including US Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, FBI Undercover Agent Joe Pistone, DEA Agents Steve Murphy & Javier Pena (NARCOS), Charlie Brandt (the author behind the Martin Scorsese film THE IRISHMAN) Anne Serling, daughter of Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone, Porter Bibb, former publisher of Rolling Stone, magazine, former CIA Director William Colby, ex mobster Michael Franzese, Hollywood Director Oliver Stone and LA prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi to name a few. Shucks I even have interviewed the guy who drove Lee Harvey Oswald to the Texas School Book Depository (with a funny wrapped up package that was kind of long that he put in the back seat) on the very day that President Kennedy was assassinated. Besides this I’ve done most of this work from the land of Macchu Picchu where I live and between stints helping to bring an Italian professional soccer team academy to Latin America, selling ball bearings to mining companies tucked away in the Andes; being a ghost writer; selling food in the streets of Peru and even acting as a Hollywood agent. You can’t make this stuff up! YouTube star Patrick Bet David of Valuetainment calls me “a legend” (I give God the credit). National media personalities like Jeff Crouere of WGSO in New Orleans, Doug Hagmann of The Hagmann Report, Dave Hodges of the The Common Sense Show and nationally syndicated radio host Bill Martinez all have worked with me. I’ve even been agent for the late F Lee Bailey, World heavyweight Boxing Champion James “Buster” Douglas, and I’m the publisher of The Dirty Locked Away History of the Democrat Party and father to six rascals. I’m also a husband and a grandfather. You can contact me at ocasomedia gmail Thanks for dropping by.

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