KLZ High 5 Plumbing

Water Quality

Colorado has a reputation for clean water because of the pure source, but by the time water reaches your house, you may have all kinds of unwanted substances pouring out of your faucets, including lead! Right now, get a free, in-home water quality test from High Five Plumbing, plus three hundred dollars off a whole-house water treatment system, for KLZ listeners only!

Now celebrating their 10th anniversary in business, the team at High Five Plumbing creates a positive customer experience every time by focusing on what matters to you. You spend all this money trying to stay healthy: going to the gym; buying organic groceries; taking care of your skin, hair, and nails with expensive products but you have no idea what kind of water comes out of your shower!

A water filtration system from High Five Plumbing allows you to control the water quality throughout your entire home, including the water you use to wash your clothes and cook your meals.

Call 877-We-High5, that’s 877.934.4445 where every call ends in a high five!

Name High Five

You should see the bulletin boards covered in photos, lining the walls at High Five Plumbing. Every picture shows a happy customer giving their technician a high five!

More than just a gimmick, High Five technicians ask every customer to take a photo at the end of a job, giving each other a high five to signify work well done. Their mission to create a positive impact on their clients, team, and community recently won High Five Plumbing the Small Business of the Year award from the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

The High Five team gives plumbing a new name by focusing on what matters to you: prompt, professional service that improves the health of your home.

Right now, get to the bottom of that funny taste or smell you’ve been noticing with a free, in home water quality test for KLZ listeners only! Plus three hundred dollars off a full water treatment system.

Call 877-We-High5, that’s 877.934.4445 where every call ends in a high five!